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Speak to your property manager or strata council to get a dedicated clothing and shoes recycling tote for your recycling room, parkade or any other suitable place inside your:

  • Residential complex
  • Office building
  • Retail store

By responsibly disposing of unwanted clothes and shoes in one of our plastic totes you will make a positive statement about your commitment to the environment and the local community and your building will realize savings from diverting textiles away from the general waste stream.

  • All equipment will be clean or new when placed.
  • Containers will be serviced and emptied at least once every two weeks by our professional and friendly team and more frequent visits can be scheduled if necessary.
  • Customers can also request unscheduled pickups


We understand that recycling clothing and separating it from the general garbage can be very costly and time consuming. We appreciate the efforts that municipalities invest in reducing waste and we want to assist and be part of that effort.
We have created a custom-made “Textile Recycling Program for Municipalities” and we would like to have the opportunity to present it to you and see how we can make it work for you and your municipality’s needs.

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