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Here at Green Inspiration, we are a team of professionals, committed to high quality, hard work and innovation to prevent millions of tons of used apparel from entering landfills and in the process supporting our local communities and people in need around the world


GREEN INSPIRATION BC is committed to running an environmentally conscious business, through achieving complete utilization of the second hand clothing we collect.


To provide the public with a service that meets the ever growing and urgent need of the British Colombia’s population to dispose the unwanted clothing in a productive and useful matter while establishing long-lasting relationships with suppliers, local government institutions, collecting partners and charity organizations.


We strive to build a company with strong values that we always follow. We believe that it is our personal responsibility as human beings to contribute to our society by helping each other as well as by finding ways to keep our planet cleaner. We provide you with this opportunity. When we work together, we can do even more! We stand behind this commitment we believe we can make difference together.


• We are easily reachable via phone and email
• We provide exceptional customer service
• We react quickly to every request we receive
• We find the optimal solutions to any situation, so we can keep you happy


We collect many and varied items preferably in a good condition – clean, wearable, free of stains. 

Items We Accept

Items We Do Not Accept



Furniture of any kind



Hard Toys



Kitchen appliances





Stuffed Animals

Items made of glass

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Green Inspiration BC has managed to brainstorm new version of bins that are completely safe

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Green Inspiration is back on sites within Delta. Securr-manufactured collection bins have been approved.

City of Delta has approved the Securr manufactured Green Inspiration collection bins and has allowed us to put our bins back on sites within Delta. "The bins are made by...

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